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Eva N’diaye

Dear all and dear Sally, my name is Eva N’Diaye, I have just discovered WiF and registered today as what I read appealed me :). I am actually not in fusion sector (yet). I am a french nuclear safety and licensing engineer currently working in Belgium . I have started my nuclear career about 10 years ago as a (6 months) trainee for ITER (at KIT in Germany). I then switched to fission by working for EDF as a safety engineer on site then for a belgian company involved in different international projects. However, since my internship in fusion field I have never stopped thinking about going back one day to my first love :). I am now ready to undertake any challenge related to fusion and I hope by joining this community I will get more knowledge on what is currently ongoing in the fusion sector and soon be able to join one of the many exciting projects ongoing. I also look forward to getting to know this community better :).

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