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    Sally Forbes

    Hello Fusioneers – thank you to the great team who have set up Women in Fusion ! I thought I would just start this forum rolling and introduce myself. My name is Sally Forbes, and I work for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) at Culham – yes, I can see JET from my desk ! I work in a small team called the Fusion Safety Authority, and we are providing technical advice on the development of regulatory framework for fusion the UK. We’re also working with many organisations internationally, as part of a growing community of people involved in fusion safety and regulation. I look forward to seeing your introductions too – lets get to know each other, and the all great things we are contributing to in this exciting field of fusion !

    Eva N’diaye

    Dear all and dear Sally, my name is Eva N’Diaye, I have just discovered WiF and registered today as what I read appealed me :). I am actually not in fusion sector (yet). I am a french nuclear safety and licensing engineer currently working in Belgium . I have started my nuclear career about 10 years ago as a (6 months) trainee for ITER (at KIT in Germany). I then switched to fission by working for EDF as a safety engineer on site then for a belgian company involved in different international projects. However, since my internship in fusion field I have never stopped thinking about going back one day to my first love :). I am now ready to undertake any challenge related to fusion and I hope by joining this community I will get more knowledge on what is currently ongoing in the fusion sector and soon be able to join one of the many exciting projects ongoing. I also look forward to getting to know this community better :).

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    Dear Sally, nice to ‘meet’ you! And welcome to the WiF. Thank you for getting this started with your introduction. It’s really interesting to read about your work. I hope to read about others work as well here!


    Hello everybody. My name is Alicia Marín Roldán. I am an Assoc. Prof. at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. My research group here is involved in the Eurofusion project as we participate in the WP PWIE, analyzing materials using the LIBS technique for their characterization and fuel retention. I love the idea of having our own private place for women in fusion, as we are outnumbered and sometimes our voices are not as loud as they should be. Looking forward to meet all of you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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