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Bringing women together

Women in Fusion aims to provide support and inspiration for its members – both women and girls – who may be pursuing careers in fusion. As fusion is still a relatively new and growing area, we now have an opportunity to build a level playing field by creating an environment where women play an equal role in the development of fusion as a viable source of energy.


The complexity of achieving commercially available fusion energy demands that everyone who can contribute, has an opportunity to do so.

WiF activities aim to bring women together to support and inspire so we can learn from others’ experiences, share skills and build networks that influence policy and catalyze change. WiF will be present at key fusion conferences to build awareness about gender equity in fusion and promote women role models in the field. We will also organize conferences, mentoring events, and educational outreach.

Upcoming activities

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July 6, 2022 - 9:39 PM
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July 8, 2022 - 9:45 AM
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Network and mentoring

One of the most important ways to help new scientists and women at all stages of their careers is providing paths for effective networking and mentoring. These two functions are at the core of Women in Fusion’s mission.

The Women in Fusion website provides opportunities for members to connect with local scientists to share information and professional guidance related to different career possibilities. Through the Women in Fusion Forum, a valuable tool available to registered members, women throughout the fusion community will be able to engage with colleagues, pose questions, and foster positive professional collaborations and relationships across the globe. In the future, Women in Fusion plans to organize in person and virtual gatherings to support these and other important activities.


As our field continues to grow and more women take interest in fusion, Women in Fusion will reach across the many disciplines within the fusion ecosystem, from plasma physics, to high-power computing, and professionals in socioeconomics, the public sector, and private industry. Through an integrated approach, we will chart a new path for fusion energy.