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Support women in the field

Women in Fusion is a global community to inspire and support women in the field of fusion through sharing experiences

Encourage women’s leadership

Help encourage greater participation and recognition for women’s contributions to fusion.

Promote gender equity

Women in Fusion strives to shape polices that promote greater gender parity in fusion through an evidence-based approach.

Take part in our mission

By becoming a Women in Fusion supporter, you will contribute to our mission and help achieve gender equity in fusion.

Work for the benefit of all

Fusion is complex and needs contributions from everyone to make it a viable source of energy for the future, for everyone's benefit.

Achieve an important goal

Fusion will be an energy baseload resource for the entire world, and women play a significant role in achieving this important goal.

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By becoming a Women in Fusion supporter, you will take part in our mission and allow us to work for the benefit of all women in the field of fusion.