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The physical sciences and engineering have traditionally been viewed as male fields, and the impact of these stereotypes begins at an early age.

With fewer women in these fields, girls and women planning to enter them may have vastly fewer role models to inspire interest and serve as mentors. Women make up even smaller percentages of leaders and senior managers in STEM.

Several decades of work in combating these gender imbalances has made it clear that merely recruiting more women does not meaningfully improve their representation in STEM jobs.

The wide gender imbalances in science and technology fields often perpetuate work cultures that are not welcoming or attractive to women.

Entering these workplaces can be daunting for young women, and they may find their accomplishments discounted even when they match or exceed those of their male peers.

Male-dominated workplaces also tend to experience higher levels of sexual harassment.

Women in Fusion seeks to achieve gender parity within the fusion community through network building and promotion of women in science at all educational levels.


Women in Fusion will serve as a global platform for highlighting and encouraging the role of women in the fusion field, as well as providing an efficient tool for networking.


In addition, Women in Fusion will provide the needed background information to shape policies aligned with the group mission.

Women in Fusion welcomes the participation of all genders. Membership is open to all individuals who are involved in fusion, and who share our goals and ambitions.


Women in Fusion can also accept associate members and establish relationships with independent organizations.

You can learn more about becoming a part of WiF on our Membership section.

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