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Women in Fusion accepts donations


Women in Fusion accepts donations

Women in Fusion aims to provide support and inspiration for its members – both women and girls – who may be pursuing careers in fusion. 


As fusion is still a relatively new and growing area, we now have an opportunity to build a level playing field by creating an environment where women play an equal role in the development of fusion as a viable source of energy.



The complexity of achieving commercially available fusion energy demands that everyone who can contribute, has an opportunity to do so.

WiF activities aim to bring women together to support and inspire so we can learn from others’ experiences, share skills and build networks that influence policy and catalyze change. WiF will be present at key fusion conferences to build awareness about gender equity in fusion and promote women role models in the field. We will also organize conferences, mentoring events, and educational outreach.

How to donate to Women in Fusion?

Why to donate?

Donating to “Women in Fusion” provides numerous benefits for companies, including social impact, tax advantages, improved reputation, employee satisfaction, networking opportunities, and more. By supporting us, you will not only make a difference in society but also cultivate a positive image and foster a sense of purpose within your organization and community. 

Together, let’s join hands and move towards equity, diversity and inclusion in the field of fusion energy!

Aligning with a reputable NGO like WiF cultivates a strong public image, increasing personal and/or corporate brand visibility and recognition.

Collaborating with WiF will allow you to connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and potential partners, expanding your professional network.

Embracing CSR initiatives improves a company’s reputation, helping to build trust and goodwill among customers, employees, and stakeholders.

WiF unites many young fusioneers across the globe. Your career opportunities will be viewed by all of them – and we will use all our resources to use awarness of them. Also, young professionals increasingly seek companies with strong social values – so you have a chance to attract and retain talented individuals.

Partnering with WiF exposes our supporters to fresh perspectives on the field aspects, innovative ideas and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Our collaboration will foster growth and learning within the your organization.

Partners and clients of companies and institutions are deeply influenced by a company’s commitment to social projects. By supporting WiF, companies can raise customer loyalty and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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