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FUSION-EP Erasmus Mundus by Women in Fusion

FUSION-EP Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program

FUSION-EP Erasmus Mundus

Deadline: February 15, 2023

Program start: September 2023

Scholarship15 two-years EMJMD Scholarships (enrolment fee + travel & installation lump sum + monthly allowance). Slots for self-funded candidates are also available.


The FUSION-EP program aims to train the next generations of magnetic confinement fusion physicists and engineers. It offers high-level, multinational, research-oriented education in fusion-related engineering or physics in close relation to the research activities of the partners, including the ITER Organization.

Minimum graduate admission requirements:



(1) A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (minimum 3 years study or an equivalent 180 ECTS)

(2) Sufficient undergraduate training to do graduate work in the chosen field

(3) A satisfactory academic average and ranking within the peer group


The application to the FUSION-EP master programme is open to all students who have or are in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree or a recognized equivalent academic degree of minimum 3 years study (180 ECTS or more)  in physics or engineering (nuclear, materials, chemical, electrical).



Applicants with another degree but with experience or knowledge in one of these fields can be admitted on decision by the FUSION-EP Steering Committee on the basis of their CV and other evidences.



Minimum knowledge about (a course credit proving this minimum knowledge is mandatory):


  • Quantum mechanics, comparable to the content of the following edition: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, by Brian Harold Bransden, C J Joachain (ISBN: 047021161X). 


  • Statistical physics or Thermodynamics, comparable to the content of the following edition: Statistical Physics, by Mandl, (ISBN10: 0471915335 or ISBN13: 9780471915331(The Manchester Physics Series)