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Nitendra Singh

Nitendra SINGH is a nuclear engineer with experience in nuclear safety and design, currently working at ITER organization as an ITER Project Associate responsible for the safety and accident assessment of Test Blanket Systems (TBMs). He holds a Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering from Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI), India; a Master in Nuclear Engineering from Université Paris Sud-XI, France and a Master of Technology in Nuclear Science and Technology from the University of Delhi, India. He has also been working in the area of nuclear awareness for public outreach for more than a decade now. He is an avid speaker of energy technologies and systems along with science communication topics. He is also associated with several educational institutions as the volunteer consultant for STEAM education.

He is the Founder and President of the Indian Youth Nuclear Society (IYNS). In 2020, he started a talk show “Being Informal With…” to invite India’s eminent scientists and to learn about their inspiring life and the challenges they overcome during their feat of contributing to India’s development. With his contribution, IYNS became the founding partner of InFusEd (International Fusion Energy Education) initiative by ITER. Every year, IYNS reaches more than twenty thousand people directly through its outreach activities.

In August 2020, on India’s Independence Day, he founded and launched the ‘Women in Nuclear in India association (WiN-India)’ to highlight women’s contribution to India’s nuclear sector and encourage young females to be a part of the esteemed industry. He is also the Indian Representative and Board member at International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) since 2013.

In addition to this, he is also associated with the European Nuclear Society (ENS) and the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) for #Nuclear4Climate, NICE future declaration, and other international cooperation. He is quite vocal on the issue of climate change and working on sustainable solution strategies in this direction. He has initiated several knowledge management activities in different national and international organizations.