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Kalina Jackiewicz


    I am a high-school student from Poland (17 years old) who is ~really~ passionate about fusion (and I am visiting ITER tomorrow! Cheers!). As a female representative of my generation, I am willing to help Women in Fusion in any way I can. I am unsure how I could help or who I should contact, so I am leaving my email here:

    If possible, I would love to get into your mentoring program! I am already trying to take the initiative of educating people at my school about fusion: I organized a group trip to France to visit ITER tomorrow, started building plasma discharge devices to show people at the science picnic, and I am planning to study fusion in Eindhoven after high school. When does the mentoring program start? How can one get in?

    Also, is there any possibility of getting an internship or attending a summer school related to the fusion field? Because the only ones I was able to find were for at least undergraduate students.

    Best Regards
    Kalina Jackiewicz (