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08 Mar

2 min min read
Happy International Women's Day 2023!
Women in Fusion International Women's Day 2023

Dear Women Fusioneers,

On the International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight an important message:


More women and girls in science means greater science!


Women and girls bring diversity to research, extend the pool of STEM professionals, and bring new perspectives to the field, benefiting everyone. Research from diverse institutions and companies reveals that gender bias in science slows down progress. Despite the fact women continue to seek opportunities to grow in science, they regularly face issues such as inequalities and discrimination.


“Women in Fusion” seeks ways to facilitate the professional growth of women who want to develop in fusion energy and fusion science. We are dedicated to develop the best mechanisms, in collaboration with women around the globe, to support women who would like to work and grow in fusion!

“Women in Fusion” would like to celebrate the International Women’s Day by taking action – We are launching the Mentoring Program!



The purpose of mentoring is to connect top-notch professionals in fusion and STEM with women who seek support for growing in this field. We invite all WiF members to register in the program (as a mentor or as a mentee) – and WiF will provide support at every stage of your collaboration.

WiF 1-year Anniversary

We are also delighted to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the project, Women in Fusion was born one year ago – we are still in our early stages of development, with many plans for the future that we hope to share with you. In this Newsletter you can find highlights of the key activities we have achieved this year.

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08 Mar

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14 Sep

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05 Sep

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