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09 Feb

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"Women in Fusion" joins the 43rd "Fusion Power Associates" Symposium
Women in Fusion at the Fusion Power Associates Symposium in Washington

On December 6 in Washington DC, General Atomics hosted a Congressional Briefing “Developing a Diverse Fusion Workforce,” exploring ways to develop the diverse and inclusive workforce we need to bring fusion to the grid. The program included speakers from UCLA, UCSanDiego, NSBPInc., Women in Fusion (WiF), IAEA, and Energy for the Common Good.

Looking forward to the first generation of fusion energy plants, the opportunity to revolutionize the way the world gets its energy is upon us, and the chance to create a new industry with diversity and inclusion is a priority. General Atomics is among those committed to these efforts, and proudly hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill that brought together different voices in the fusion and STEM communities to discuss the challenges and opportunities for developing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

General Atomics is deeply appreciative of the organizations and distinguished panel that helped make this event a success:

Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, President, National Society of Black Physicists
Dr. Jane Hotchkiss, Co-Founder and President, Energy for the Common Good
Dr. Javier Garay, Associate Dean for Research, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
Dr. Troy Carter, Director, Plasma Science and Technology Institute, UCLA
Dr. Sehila Gonzales De Vicente, Chair, Women in Fusion
Ms. Zabrina Johal, Senior Director of Strategic Development, General Atomics

Mr. Evan Polisar, Strategic Communications and Government Affairs Manager, General Atomics (Moderator)

Shelly Sutphen

General Atomics I Energy Group

Phone: 858 455 3077 Cell: 619 913 8452

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03 Oct

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Women in Fusion Lunch at FEC 2023 Conference
Women in Fusion (WiF) Lunch Panel event at Fusion Energy Conference 2023
From 16-21 October 2023, the IAEA is organized the 29th Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2023) in London, UK. The conference provided a platform for live discussions on key physics and technology issues...
02 Oct

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Women in Fusion and Women in Nuclear global Partnership
Women in Fusion and Women in Nuclear Global sign the Partnership Agreement
On Monday, 25 September 2023, at the week of the IAEA 67th General Conference, Women in Fusion has been invited to present its work at the WiN Global & Argentina Joint Side...
14 Sep

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Women in Fusion at MT-28 Conference on Magnet Technology
"Women in Fusion" at the MT-28 Conference
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05 Sep

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Women in Fusion webinar Europe
"Women in Fusion" holds a webinar with European experts
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23 May

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“Women in Fusion” are excited about the upcoming dinner within the 30th IEEE Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE2023)! 10th July, 2023 The Randolph Hotel, Oxford The informal event will start with welcome...